Sparrow and Brambles is a design company built on a passion for creativity and a deep love for the environment. Started in 2008, Sparrow and Brambles began its focus in landscape design for residential homes throughout New Jersey. For the last several years we have grown to incorporate other forms of design into our business including outdoor playscapes, treehouses, furniture design and “green” household goods. We have brought garden design and woodworking together to focus on what has always mattered the most to us: designing our environments in a sustainable way.

Eleanor James and Frank Toth, husband and wife team, have created a wide spread client base throughout New Jersey and are known for their environmental practices. They focus on listening to clients’ goals, responding promptly, and delivering the products that are expected. The team takes great pride in selecting materials that are local, sustainable, and limiting in waste. They offer many options to create beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces that are conscious to the environment and hope to educate clients and their children on the importance of green living.

Every business uses energy and resources and creates waste. The construction industry is no exception. How can we reduce waste and limit our energy use in the design industry? Sparrow and Brambles not only provides green design solutions, but practices sustainability in its every day functions. Practices like using fuel efficient vehicles, printing on 100% recycled paper, supporting local businesses, limiting single use plastics, conserving water and electricity, composting, and recycling all paper and plastics are just a few ways that we lead by example in our every day lives.