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Plant of the Month: Hostas, An Oldie But a Goodie

Some say overused, I say “If it ain’t broke…..”, you know what I mean? Hostas are a tolerant, shade-loving perennial that are easy on the wallet and add fantastic texture to any garden. There are literally hundreds of varieties with different leaf size, color, and flowers. One of my favorites is the Blue Angel, Hosta ‘Blue Angel’ which spreads to nearly 4 feet wide and has terrific foliage that gets up to a foot long and 6-10 inches wide. It has such beautiful contrast to any shaded space and is a cost effective way to bring simple interest and color to a perennial garden. I prefer to use these large hosta as stand alone pieces. I leave the masses to the smaller varieties like ‘Blue Ivy’ and ‘Royal Standard’. Check out the fantastic bloom from the one in my garden!