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Quick Tips for a Summer Shade Garden

Do you have that spot in the garden that just doesn’t get any sunlight? Tired of trying to grow grass without success? Plan a shade garden and turn that trouble spot into a great garden feature. Here’s three quick tips to creating a fun shady spot:

1.) Create an Edge

Using local stone (like 5-7” Delaware River Rock), delineate the area that you want as a Shade Garden. Dig a trench about 3 inches down and lay the stone into the trench. Backfill with some of the soil you removed to set the stones in place.

2.) Plant

A few great plants for shade gardens are hostas, lamium, astilbe, lily of the valley, soloman’s seal, and of course native ferns! You can add color with impatients or other perennials like lady’s mantle, pulmonaria, and Lenten rose.

3.) Add Personal Touch

One or two fun decorations always brings a warm sense to the garden. Bird baths are a great way to bring in a funky color and promote local bird friends visiting your shade garden.