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Quick Tips for Winterizing Your Garden

winter garden

The cold weather is a reminder that it is time for your garden to rest. There is preparation to be done to have the garden clean and ready for its push of growth in the spring. Here are a few easy steps to help winterize your outdoor space.

1.) Simple Cleanup: Vegetable gardens and ornamental beds are now filled with spent flowers from this last growing season. Make sure to cut back all spent flower heads and throw them into your compost pile! You can actually pull out all of your veggies from the roots (like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.) Never compost diseased plants.

2.) Cover Up: Using burlap or tarp, wrap outdoor containers and tie them up with twine. This will prevent water getting in, turning to ice, and cracking your containers. You can also cover up any plants that may not be zone hardy (like figs). This prevents the frost from getting in.

Don’t forget to also cover up your outdoor furniture to add to its’ life span!

3.) Turn Off and Bring In: Make sure all hoses are winterized, along with other water sources like pools, irrigation systems, and hot tubs. Don’t forget to bring in any tools or pots so they don’t get unnecessary winter damage.

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