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Quick Tips: Starting a New Garden Project

Spring Garden Quick Tips

Looking out onto the desolate garden that winter has left can be a very daunting experience. Where to start? How to start? How to establish a budget? Here are a few ideas that can keep your budget at bay and give focus to your upcoming garden awakening!

1.) Plan a vegetable or herb garden!

This task can be as simple as putting a few plant pots near your grill area and filling them with your favorite cooking herbs, like basil, thyme, oregano, or cilantro. You can easily expand by dedicating a 10 foot by 10 foot sunny space to till and add your favorite seeds or sprouted vegetables to. Don’t forget to fence around this space, especially if you have deer, dogs, bunnies, or other little creatures lurking about for a tasty snack!

garden-composter2.) Compost

I’m sure you’ve heard those tree hugging friends of yours talk about composting their veggies, but it still seems like a lot of effort. It doesn’t have to be! There are some great tumbling composters that are clean, easy to use, and don’t stink up the garden!

As noted on, “The composting process, contained within the barrel, is activated with commercial starters, manure, already finished compost, garden soil or nothing at all. The organic materials are broken down, as in the compost heap method, by zillions of microbes and other living organisms fueled by oxygen. To keep the process going at its fastest clip, the tumbler is turned twice or three times a week, mixing the microbes with the organic material while infusing fresh supplies of oxygen. The tumbler keeps the materials contained, as well as the heat the process generates. In a month or so — or even less with diligent practice and the right tumbler! — the lid is pulled from the barrel and voila! Fresh, rich compost that you’ve made yourself.” Check them out here for more useful info!

3.) Hire a Landscape Designer

If you are really overwhelmed with your garden, or just don’t have a green thumb, reach out to your local landscape designer or landscape architect (or better yet, Sparrow and Brambles) and get them on board to create a landscape plan for you. S&B is so happy to work with homeowners that are DIY’ers or homeowners that want to phase out their landscape installations. We can show you how to manage your budget, help you to locate materials, teach you when and how to plant, and how to maintain a sustainable garden space. Early spring is the best time to plan!

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